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Made of %100 high quality cotton Turkish Peshtemal Towel, soft, good water absorption, dry quickly, compact, light weight, small volume, easy to carry while travel. Peshtemal Bathrobes are certified OEKO-TEX® – an international standard that sets limits on close to 200 potentially harmful substances and chemicals, including phthalates and VOC emissions. With this certification, we can guarantee that our processes are free of harmful heavy metals like lead and arsenic, as well as many allergy-inducing and irritating chemicals, Surfers,swimmers,diver, triathletes, mountain bikers or anyone else changing by the beach or outdoors, Windproof, dry yourself quickly. These Turkish Peshtemal robes will make you feel like you are relaxing at the finest hotel or spa. The lightweight Peshtemal robe dries faster and uses less water and energy to launder and dry. Because they take up less space, they are the ideal travel companion!

Colour :Green Plaine Dyed / Camouflage Printed

Fabric :Turkish Peshtemal Towel

Gentle/delicate wash with 85º F/30º C water in machine or hand
Hang to dry. Please do not use dryer.
It may shrink a little bit after washing. Please iron the robe after washing and drying. Ironing will give the robe the original length back.


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