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Our primary goal is to provide superior customer service to our valued customers. Our towels are soft and durable because we do not use any chemicals in the manufacturing process. Our towels are VAT dyed which means the dye is infused into the yarns under high pressure and temperature for predetermined period of time which limits any fading due to usage. For maximum color retention and softness, DO NOT USE bleach when washing. return hassle free through Amazon within 30 days to receive full refund. Made of %100 high quality cotton Turkish Peshtemal Towel, soft, good water absorption, dry quickly, compact,light weight,small volume,easy to carry while travelIt helps change out of wetsuit or swimsuit after surfing or swimming publicly without being indecent for the beach, pool, camping, travel or getting out of the shower,doubles can be used as a towel to dry yourself,so you don't need an additional Surfers,swimmers,diver, triathletes, mountain bikers or anyone else changing by the beach or outdoors, Windproof, dry yourself quickly. The lightweight Peshtemal robe dries faster and uses less water and energy to launder and dry. Because they take up less space, they are the ideal travel companion!, Gentle/delicate wash with 85º F/30º C water in machine or hand Hang to dry. Please do not use dryer. It may shrink a little bit after washing. Please iron the robe after washing and drying. Ironing will give the robe the original length back.Double-Sided bath exfoileter with exfoliating effect,Anti-dead skin produced from natural Loofah fiber, its double sided with the front side is made of natural Egyption Loofah and the back side is made of soft Rovin fabric. Easy to use with handles on each end to help you reach the remote areas of your back Clean acne, blackheads and ingrown skin with peeling effect and helps to prevent cellulite formation by accelerating blood circulation with its massage effect and provides skin renewal. Soak in water to softens it before use.

Veteran Textile 8 PCS-Towel, Bathrobe & Loofah Luxury Bundle (Graphite)

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